Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bastard of the Caribbean, part 3

We last left our hero on his journey eastwards to find new and exciting ways to betray everything he could plausibly stand for. The waters around Port Royale failed to bring him the fame and fortune he deserves, and so defecting to the Dutch is the plan at the moment.

While still in the French port Petit-Goave, our hero bought a letter of marque from the governor, officially becoming a privateer. However, the French were not at war with anybody, so the letter could not be put to use immediately, although it will definitely be useful later on.

Also, governors really have nothing to say when there's no war going on.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bastard of the Caribbean, part 2

Our hero is now set for adventure - a ship, a crew that is willing to be ordered around as long as their supply of rum is kept steady, and a whole new world of opportunity and lightly guarded piles of gold (I hope). But since we're still in town it may be a good idea to look around and check if there's anything to be done before setting out to sea.

Port Royale is an English town and it has everything you might want in town: a tavern and, uh... well, you can also visit a trader or the governor if you want, but tavern is all you really need. You barge in boasting about your glorious achievements - or grand plans if you can't even think of any lies that would make your past adventures sound good - and then listen to news shared by other patrons, always true and honest, of course. You may even trick convince a few to join your crew, and if you're lucky, some old disgruntled sea dog might sell his treasure map. This time, we're not lucky and have to check those other places as well.